Name: Rod Daily
Geburtstag: 1984
Tag der Geburt: 1984 - Unknown
Beruf: Porn Star
Stadt: USA
Ethnische Zugehörigkeit: Caucasian - American
Augen: Blue
Haare: Brown
Größe: 178 cm
Körpergewicht: 88 kg
Tattoos: Large stars on both pecs; right side/rib cage
Piercing: No
Extra: Handsome Rod Daily began his gay porn career with Studio 2000, making a string of hits with the outfit from about 2005 before going on to do some quality work with Jet Set Men and Falcon in particular. Online he's done some impressive shows and eventually had his own website. Rod calls Texas home, stands about 5ft 11ins tall and has distinctive star tattoos. Muscled, he has blue eyes, brown hair, a deliciously curved cut cock and tops and bottoms. He describes himself as bisexual and says he enjoys leather, spanking and toys as well as fucking and sucking. Personally, we think Rod looks particularly horny when he's got a shaved head.
Schwanz: 20 cm Beschnitten
Körperbehaarung: Smooth
Statur: Muscular
Sexuelle Rolle: Vielseitig

Rod Daily : 75 Filme

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